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Art Deco Style

There is a science behind interior design. Each style is characterized by something, and different periods throughout history embrace different styles. One popular design that held a large influence in the early 20th century was the Art Deco Style.

The History of the Art Deco Style

The Art Deco Style originated in 1925 in a world’s fair held in Paris. From that point onward, the style grew to influence building design and interior design throughout Europe and extending into America. Although lasting a period of 15 years (1925-1940), this style was not actually called “Art Deco” until after the 1960s.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Greatly influenced by the rapidly changing modern society of the early 1900s, Art Deco is characterized by angular geometric curves, bold colors, mirrors, clean lines, chrome hardware, and glass. Other materials used in this design were aluminum, inlaid wood, lacquer, shagreen, stainless steel, and zebra skin. These materials were collaborated into zigzagged patterns, sweeping curves, and sunburst shapes.

The color schemes characteristic of the art deco time period were mainly crèmes and browns and sometimes included stenciling around the edges. Velvets and leather were the upholstery of choice, and curtain fabrics were plain or with an Aztec print. Lighting was simple as well, and could be something such as a fan or bowl shaped wall light. In keeping with the general theme of the Art Deco style, light fittings were streamlined. A typical feature was the wall light, in a fan or bowl shape. Flooring was also simple, the modern linoleum of the day.

As these examples demonstrate, art deco is still commonly used today. Whether to achieve a vintage feel or to stay in symmetry with the era of your house, many homeowners still love the nostalgic feel of years gone by. Request free estimates from prescreened contractors to create your interior design.

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