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Latest Design Trend: the Age of Aquarium

Aquariums are so underrated. They are no longer just a little box for fish to swim around in. The new aquarium, thought up by creative designers, is so much more. Decorators have begun to recognize the potential power that aquariums offer, and are stretching their minds to come up with more innovative ways to go from fishbowl to fine furnishings.

What can Aquariums Do for Your House?

  • Add life. Aquariums are literally a living design piece. OK, not the aquarium itself, but the cool fish inside. You actually have a design piece that eats, moves and swims.
  • Bring light and color. Aquariums are central points for interesting light varieties - a blue glow, an indirect light. A warmer hue can be accomplished by varying the aquarium contents or the type of light that you use.
  • Create a centerpiece. Looking to add a point of interest to a certain room? Aquariums are an instant hit. There is no end to the amount of interest or conversation they will elicit.
  • Cool uniqueness: Aquariums are not being used to their full advantage. Few people realize what a powerful design tool they are. As such, you can gain a design edge that is unique in its own right.
Aquarium remodeling

Design Ideas

  • Aquarium Coffee Tables: Instead of the boring coffee table, why not make your coffee table into an aquarium? It can be the same size, but ten times more interesting.
  • Large Centerpiece: Getting tired of your large wall paintings? Designers are getting bolder and taking up the dead space in the center of the room with a living centerpiece.
  • Room Divider: Aquariums are perfect for demarcating the boundaries between unwalled rooms. They offer an ideal point of interest but keep visibility open on both sides.
  • Corner Fill: Not sure about what to do with that corner of the room? Besides filling the void, aquariums create an immediate attention-grabber that looks good, too.

Aquarium remodeling

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