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About Suspended Fireplaces

Suspended fireplaces, now that’s a title that catches your attention! What exactly are they; are they practical, or just a passing fad?

A suspended fireplace is just that, a fireplace that ascends gracefully from the ceiling into your room with a truly futuristic look. A long, narrow chimney bubbles out into a pod in which the fire is built, all without touching the floor. Equipped with the ability to rotate a full 360°, your family is sure to enjoy the full effect of its warmth and uniqueness. Because few people are familiar with this unusual design, your suspended fireplace is sure to become a conversation piece.

FireOrb designer, Doug Garofalo, was one of the original designers of the suspended fireplace. He got a burst of inspiration after spotting a beautiful landscape through the back of a glass-doored fireplace. He said “The impression you have is fire floating in the landscape. That made me want to design some kind of floating fire for a house I was working on.” Garofalo went on to express his frustration for the lack of fireplace design choices for Americans to choose from. Heralded as the eco-friendly fireplace choice for 2008, these suspended stoves present an exciting new alternative to pre-existing selections.

The fireplace is suspended from the ceiling and can be installed in virtually any room. Wood-burning fuel is inexpensive and easy to obtain, and the specially engineered flue is designed for optimum efficiency. Just to give you an idea of size, included is a breakdown of the FireOrb model. The FireOrb is approximately 26” in height with a 13” opening, an endless flue, and a flue width of around 8”. The total width is around 40”. Dimensions vary according to the different manufacturers, but all are made by spinning steel in a cad-governed form.

Created in Europe, the suspended fireplace is just beginning to reach the US markets, and it can be difficult to find showrooms. Marketed by Brisach, FireOrb, Antrax, and Focus, each has a helpful Website where you can find pricing and ordering information.

Although just being introduced in 2008 for a wide-spread marketing, the GyroFocus was actually designed by Dominique Imbert in 1968. Previously only displayed in museums, is it finally time for the suspended fireplace to catch on? If you are inspired by these incredible designs, contact one of our contractors today to bring sensational, 360º warmth to your home.


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