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Textured vs. Rough Tile

Textured tile is a category of tile that includes a wide range of tile styles from simple, barely-there textures to outrageous 3-D tiles that mimic sea coral, shag carpeting, and natural sponges.

Rough tile is a category that includes tiles made primarily of natural stone, such as travertine, which has inherently rough and irregular surfaces. This category can also include methods of setting tile that give the overall surface irregularities, such as some mosaic applications.

Depending on the end use intended for the tile, either textured or rough tile may be appropriate. There are considerations for both types to take into account before making your final decision to choose one of these types for your application.

Textured Tile Examples and Applications

Some textured tiles have such unusual or uneven surfaces that they may only be suitable for decorative use in areas that are not subject to water. Price might also be an issue, because many of these tiles are more expensive than more utilitarian tiles with smooth finishes. Some textured tiles are designed for use in and near water, such as glazed tile with decorative ripples for use in backsplashes and shower walls.

Some examples of textured tile include:

Rough Tile Examles and Applications

Rough tile may need to be sealed before use in certain applications. A video showing how to seal rough tile laid on a designer kitchen countertop made the useful point that unless rough tile is sealed before grouting, the grout will go into the rough places in the tile’s surface, marring it irreparably. See for yourself at: http://www.ehow.com/video_2261133_seal-tile.html

Examples of rough tile include:

You can find lots of information about both textured and rough tile – as well as many other kinds of tile – at the John Bridge Forum for Tile Your World at http://www.johnbridge.com/vbulletin/index.php. If you don’t find the answer to your question there, you can post one for response and discussion among forum participants, which includes tile setters.

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