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Special Building/Maintenance Considerations for Homes in the Desert

Even though living in the desert may sound a bit unappealing to the majority of us, a large number of people in the southern portion of our country do live in desert-like environments. The desert is a hot, dry environment, where temperatures can become quite extreme. Shade trees are lacking, leaving homes fully exposed to the hot rays of the sun. Not only can this cause your home to deteriorate more quickly, but it can also make temperature control difficult.


Your roof is the first defense against the heat. Choose a light color that deflects the sun. Asphalt shingles tend to absorb a lot of heat and wood shakes are more prone to fire, so clay is a wise choice for hotter climates. They naturally stay cooler, and are also a style that is associated with southwestern living.


You can really install any type of siding you want on your home. Concrete and vinyl will be better at deflecting heat and require less maintenance. Concrete walls are also common in desert climates. Their thick consistency aides in maintaining a cool interior.


You want energy efficient Low-E glass for hot climates. This will reduce the amount of hot air allowed into the home, and help to protect your floors and furniture from harmful rays. Deserts are also prone to sandy windstorms. You may want to consider installing shutters for these times to prevent sand from chipping away at your windows.

HVAC System

If you are going to survive desert living, it is almost imperative that you have a practical way to maintain a temperate climate within your home. Having no air conditioning is not only miserable, but can be dangerous for pets, children, and the elderly.

Although desert living may not appeal to everyone, with the right set-up it can be quite comfortable. You might also consider harnessing some of those intense rays and converting the energy into usable electricity for your home. Request free estimates from prescreened contractors to protect your home today.

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