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Consider Fireclay for your Patio, Kitchen, or Bath Redesign

Fireclay is a specific kind of clay used in the manufacture of ceramics, especially fire brick. The fire attribution is given for its refractory characteristics. According to Wikipedia, there are two types of fire clay: flint clay and plastic fire clay.

One of my sons worked for years as a boiler maker and is a glass blower. This is the type of clay he has worked with because of its high resistance to heat. Fireclay is used for bricks in the constructing of boiler furnaces, glass melting furnaces, chimney linings, pottery kiln blast furnaces, and reheating furnaces; perfect for that pizza oven.

Fireclay mud has higher alumina and silica content. It is whitish to yellowish, or pinkish to brownish in color. It’s also very cheap in price. You can find it at refractory or pottery supply stores, where it comes in a dry, powdered form in bags. It has a very heavy density with low porosity, lasting a very long time.

Perfect for items in the kitchen and bathroom remodel, fireclay can be used to make tiles and sinks. Fireclay sinks have been fired in extremely hot temperatures, fusing the glaze and clay. This will produce an exceptionally strong, hard surface that is resilient to chips, stains, scratches, and dings. Fireclay sinks have become a very popular trend in today’s kitchen and come in a variety of colors and designs.

This is also true for fireclay tiles. They are fired in hot temperatures, and due to the clay’s properties, tiles are less porous and resist freezing temperatures. Add a glaze to them and they make beautiful floorings and outdoor elements for patios.

Consider fireclay products in your next remodel, either for that pizza oven, outdoor patio makeover, or kitchen and bathroom redesign. Your results could be surprisingly hot!

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