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7 Architectural Elements to Reuse as Furniture

We have a lot of years’ worth of architectural history
behind us now, even in America. Of course the next logical statement should
mention all that we can learn from a distinguished history of urban planning
and architecture. But today we are entering a new phase of ‘Green’ architecture
and design that quite often prefers the question: What can we reuse from
a long architectural history?

It turns out that a change of mindset, from studying
architecture from a distance to getting your hands dirty with it, reveals a
wealth of design opportunities. One opportunity that still lives on the fringe
of the reuse, stay-green mentality is to revise architectural elements
creative, often antique furniture.

Below is a list of seven ideas and examples from around the
web that illustrate both the creativity of a generation of reclaimers and
revisers and the awesome potential that exists in any old find at the antique
shop, salvage yard, garage sale, or even the old family cottage.

  1. Gothic coffee table? Here is an inspiring idea that transformed an old stone column cap into a classic coffee table.
  2. From door to table? Antique doors run rampant through salvage yards and antique dealers; can you re-imagine one as your new dining room table? We think you can.
  3. At the Head of the Bed is a Balcony Rail. Many old, ornate balcony rails survive from classic architecture. Should the right section be found; what an incredibly unique and fascinating headboard.
  4. Shutters in the pantry? Some antique shutters are simply amazing yet complex architectural elements. Visions of elegant built-in pantry doors or even a magnificent housing for wall art—just a few seductive sights for the salvaging schemer.
  5. Carved architectural stones, as taken from ornamental building facades and structures of old, can be beautiful and intricate in their design (check these out). They have a myriad of potential uses around even modern homes. Think stands for potted plants, ornamental vases, etc.
  6. Cinder block shelving? This can be more structural than architectural (depending on the type of block) but it’s a great little DIY treat nonetheless. All you need are some leftover blocks (ornamental if possible) from a masonry wall or foundation, some paint, and some shelving…stack as you see fit. Stack the cinder blocks on their ends for hand cubbyholes!
  7. A beam for a bench. Salvaged architectural beams can be refinished and fairly easily reinvented to become benches for use in the patio, kitchen nook, or entryway.

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