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5 Weekend Project Ideas

Summer conditions are prevailing in most parts of the country, and it’s a good time to spend your weekend fixing or maintaining things around the house. Here are five weekend projects that will immediately improve your home and protect it down the road. These projects aren’t complicated, but they should be done once a year no matter what.

Caulking windows

The idea behind caulking windows in the summertime is to keep warm air out of the house. Some consider this a late fall or winter project. However, adding insulation around windows and doors will make your air conditioning more efficient and reduce your home’s energy consumption. Look for areas that show flaking or weathering. Seal any small openings and then paint over the newly caulked area.

Maintain your redwood deck

A well-maintained redwood deck needs protection from the elements on a yearly basis. Small problems can develop into big problems if protective sealant isn’t applied annually.

Use a household scrub and scrapper brushes to clean the entire surface area. Apply soap and water to remove built-up dirt and loose paint. If you discover water damage on the wood, sand the area down and then apply new stain. This should fix the problem for at least a couple of summers. Loose nails and boards should also be removed and replaced.

Patch concrete

If you have a concrete patio, driveway, porch, or concrete framing around window wells, look for weather damaged by way of cracks and fissures. Snow, sleet, and salt combine to wear down concrete. Take a weekend and patch these trouble spots before they get bigger.

Clean vent

For those of you who use gas dryers, take a few hours to clean out the entire vent system. Soak the lint trap in hot water; this way you clean away the particles that form large accumulations of lint, causing your dryer to work harder. Next, move to the outside vent, cleaning around the outlet and removing the lint that has built up there. Finally, remove the vent hose and thoroughly clean it; target the inside of the hose where debris builds up.

Painting outdoors

Conditions are great for outdoor painting. If you’re working on an outdoor kitchen or want to enhance your current barbequing location, add a fresh coat of paint to the surroundings. Gazebos double up as a great barbequing stations. Re-paint the gazebo where smoke has discolored the wood framing or give the entire structure a fresh coat of paint. Garage walls and siding also require fresh paint to prevent infestation by mold or insects.

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