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5 Extras that Make Home, Sweet Home

Human basic needs are all the same: food, shelter, clothing, love, companionship, A/C, Internet connection, etc. Even so, there are still other things that, while they may not be absolutely necessary, make our lives aaahhhh so much more enjoyable, relaxing, or just downright comfortable.

It may seem very Mary Poppins, but having an old-fashioned umbrella stand keeping watch by your front door is a nice welcoming touch when you enter your abode. It also serves to keep you from having to wander room to room searching for an umbrella on days when you open your door to step outside, only to find that to do so would mean taking a second shower. It’s nice when we have things handy, especially when we’re already to walk out the door and start our day.

There are certain things in our home that we totally take for granted, but when we come home from a hard day’s work, a rough commute, or both, they are the effects that make coming home worthwhile. An ottoman is one of those devices. They can be very fashionable, classy or chic. They can match your sofa, easy chair, or other furniture or just add a bit of eclectic whimsy to the room. But mostly, they are just there for you to rest your feet on at the end of a long day.

Artwork, whether it’s hanging on your walls, standing on your floors, sitting on your shelves, or suspended from your ceiling, is a great way to take your mind off your worries. If you select art for your home that moves you, it will continue to do so for years to come. Art that takes your mind to a peaceful, exciting, or nostalgic place can offer much needed tranquility or distraction at home. And the best thing about art: if you can’t find anything that inspires you, you can always make your own.

A corner shelf unit, of any size, or a curio cabinet that can house your prized collection of antique dishes, jewelry boxes, or Civil War relics can bring a sense of pride to your home as well as stimulate conversation amongst guests. The shelf unit alone can be as simple or ornate as you please, but select a piece of furniture befitting your home and the items you plan to display on it. Then fill it with your collection and let it bring a smile to your face every time you pass by or a visitor asks you about it.

While not everyone can play a musical instrument, you just never know what type of entertainment will grace your home until you bring one home. It’s been proven that music improves our lives, our mood, our brain activity, our soul. Just the simple act of putting a guitar on a stand in the corner of the living room or having a piano in a quiet spot in the dining room can find its way to work magic in your home. Members of your family may just one day attempt to play and you’d be surprised at the number of visitors you’ll have who will ask you if you mind if they play for you. Definitely if you have young children of your own or as guests there will be spontaneous concerts and often.

It’s always a jolly holiday with Mary (Poppins), but it can feel like you’re on vacation all the time if you add some personal touches of your own in your home.

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