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4 Home Remodeling Myths

There’s a lot of home improvement advice circling the ‘net, but you can’t believe everything you hear. We’ve tracked down 4 remodeling myths that have duped homeowners for decades – do yourself a solid and watch out for these home improvement blunders.

#1 - Imaginary Value

Many homeowners believe that every remodeling project will add resale value to their home. This is simply not true. Beware the large-scale, time-consuming money pits that couldn’t possibly pay for themselves in the long run. For increasing your home’s value, you should check with a local real estate agent to find out what buyers in your area are looking for. See which home improvement projects give your region the best bang for your buck and plan wisely from there.

#2 - Contractor Schmontractor

Remodeling myths contractors

When it comes to the hands-on handy homeowner stuff, many guys think they can swing a hammer like the best of ‘em. Truth be told, a good contractor is priceless and not every male can make a good contractor. You could wind up spending more money by trying to save money doing the work yourself. Know your limits and let the professionals handle the rest. Oh, and be on the lookout for experienced contractors. Every day, several out-of-work 9-5ers get up and decide to be a contractor. When you hire a pro, don’t just look for the cheapest estimate, look at years in business, customer references and see if he/she has a portfolio to show you previous projects they’ve completed.

#3 - Fad-tastic Remodels

Remodeling myths fads

You know how we laugh at shag carpet, gaudy wallpaper and avocado appliances? Well, those things were all the bees knees in their day. The key to remodeling is to find a look that can stand the test of time. What’s trendy today may be the laughingstock of tomorrow. If you plan to own your home forever, remodel any which way that makes you happiest. However, if you’re like most folks and plan to move again in another five years or so, you may want to stick to more traditional styles and neutral colors.

#4 - Cement Ponds

Remodeling myths swimming pools

One of the most popular home additions is the swimming pool, especially if your remodeling fantasies take place on a hot day. Many people assume that a pool in the backyard will add value to their home when it comes time to sell. The truth is that although pools are great, they can also be viewed as a liability. If you live in a frequently warm part of the country where the pool season is long, by all means add a pool. If, however, you live in a region where summers are shorter and pools are not a tremendous benefit, then you could be spending an awful lot of money for something no buyer would want.

Besides giving the family a place to swim, think of all the other things a pool does. It raises your homeowner’s insurance, has the potential for causing injuries, is expensive to operate and maintain, and takes up a significant portion of the yard. If you don’t live in a largely pool-friendly zone, you might want to consider spending your money on landscaping instead—it has a huge impact on the impression buyers get when they see your home.

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