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Flooding Prevention Tips for Your Yard and Basement

Unless you live in an extremely dry climate, most homeowners will encounter flooding or water problems at some point. Prevention is always better than damage control, and some of the following tips can help you prepare your home for whatever potential hazards may arise.

A French Drain is a simple solution for drainage issues in the yard. A French drain is a ditch, about two feet deep, filled with gravel. It then catches and redirects surface water away from foundations. A French drain can also be used to distribute water from an outlet or a sewage tank. It can be placed in key places to relieve ground water pressure.

Basements can present difficulties for drainage management. One method is to install a perforated pipe, drain basins, and pumps to remove the water from the drain basins. Another solution is to install a perimeter system at the base of the walls to collect water right where it enters. Waterguard is one such system that uses a special wall flange and weep holes drilled into the concrete to guide any water seepage directly into a sump pump system. A basement dehumidifier can be helpful as well to reduce high levels of humidity and condensation. It also removes mold and mildew. The SaniDry System will remove up to 100 pints of water per day out of the air in the basement.

A Trench Drain works to prevent flooding around garages, doors, stairways or other thresholds. A half-round pipe with a grate on top, the trench drain is placed flush below the door and stops water in its tracks.

With winter coming to a close, our homes and yards are finally beginning to dry out. Now is the time to clean up and take measures to better prepare before wet weather sets in again. Contact one of our certified contractors to receive a free estimate to make your life a little drier and easier next winter.

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