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Natural Stone vs. Concrete Pavers

As a homeowner, you’ve made the decision to include pavers into your landscape theme. But which selection is right for your application, concrete or natural stone? Below, the two options are compared and contrasted to help you make an informed decision.

Natural Stone

Natural stone pavers come in granite, limestone, marble, porphyry, flagstone, sandstone, and bluestone. Not manufactured in a plant, natural pavers are mined directly from the earth. Because of their originality, natural pavers tend to be more expensive than concrete or brick. An eco-friendly choice as well, natural pavers are not dyed and are completely natural. A few are highlighted below.

  • Flagstone: Large, flat stones, these work well for large areas such as patios or surrounding pools.
  • Limestone: One desirable characteristic of limestone is its porous consistency which stays cooler in the summer and works well around pools or patios.
  • Cobblestone: Cobblestones come in cubes or rectangles. Hand-cut, these stones add a classic beauty to a driveway, walkway, or retaining wall. They are available in gray, pink, black and yellow.

Concrete Pavers

A more structured look than the carefree aura of natural pavers, concrete pavers come in numerous shades, shapes, and applications. Available in about any shape you can desire, these work well in long driveways, pathways, and even roads. Concrete pavers are manufactured in a plant and consist of cement, aggregate, pigments, and dyes. Comprising a beautiful look as well, concrete pavers are less expensive than natural stone. Strength, durability, and long-life are all characteristics that make concrete pavers a popular choice.

No matter which material you decide to use, pavers in general are a great addition to a landscape. If you prefer the more carefree, natural look, natural pavers are the choice for you. If practicality is more important, concrete is a wonderful option as well. Contact one of our certified paving contractors today to help you decide which option is right for your yard.


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