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Put It in Stone, One Way to Enhance Your Home’s Facade

Natural stone is a consistent favorite with homeowners, for everything from kitchen countertops to pavers. There are many ways to incorporate natural stone, prefabricated stone, or rocks in the exterior design of your home. Imagine the elegance of an entryway paved with granite or upgraded with stone columns. Imagine stone siding transform an ordinary wood exterior into a more substantial architectural statement. For new construction or home renovation, the possibilities with stone are virtually limitless.

Natural stone cladding comes in an unparalleled pallete of colors, textures and patterns. Natural stone façades are built using limestone, sandstone, granite or other materials. Dimensions of these can be limited depending on stone type and the quarrying and processing techniques. Prefabricated, reconstructed, composite, and cast stone are alternatives to natural stone. These are made from manufactured materials.

Then there’s lightweight and durable rock siding. Rocks can take the form of boulders, aggregates, flagstone, or wallstone. Rocks are manufactured to withstand temperature extremes. Because they consist of all natural materials, they feel just like natural stone. Rocks can also be installed on any exterior surface. Consider, for instance, building a rock retaining wall along the border of your walkway. Or, get creative with your stone pathway, creating circular, winding, or stepping stone shapes leading to your front door. Then, get playful with cobblestone borders. Whatever design concept you choose, guests will be sure to make a stately entrance.

When it comes to stone columns, granite is always a favorite. You can use seam face blocks for a smooth and colorful surface or split face blocks for a rustic look that is gray in tone. You can also mix and match the two types for a more varied effect.

Stone can replace existing wood or other materials on a home’s exterior. To ensure proper prep work and adhesion, select a certified remodeling contractor. This will help you avoid noticeable structural mistakes. A contractor can help you select the best pieces, including stones required for corners.

Stone cladding can be expected to last the life of a building, from 60 to more than 100 years. Once built, stone cladding should have proper air permeability, resistance to water and wind penetration, and resistance to hard and soft impacts. In additions, fixings should be non-corrosive, with a grade suitable for the specific environment.


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