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Ideas for Whitewashing Furniture

A technique that has been around for decades, whitewashing furniture is a unique way to bring a splash of white to your palette, without hiding the natural grain of the wood. Refinishing wood can be a labor intensive process, and it can be difficult to reach a successful restoration. Whitewashing, on the other hand, can be a quick solution that, while being less complicated, will still have great results.

In the past, whitewashing was accomplished through thinning down white paint. That method is still used, but there is an easier way to achieve this classic look. Now, you can purchase oil- or water-based whitewash stains that are specially made for this procedure.

One popular application of whitewashing is to recreate the antique look. The appearance of a time-worn finish can be fabricated by applying a whitewash pickling stain to your wood, allowing it to dry, and then sanding key areas. Corners and edges are most likely to have worn over time. A clear finishing stain is then applied to seal and protect the finish. This process requires a fair amount of skill, and better results will be obtained if done by a professional.

A water-based stain dries quickly and is easy to clean up. Oil-based stains dry more slowly, give off hazardous fumes, and are difficult to clean up after. No matter which product you choose, be sure your contractor applies a clear sealant to further protect the wood. When applying the stains, a brush works best, but a rag is helpful to blot off any excess. To produce a classier look, accentuate the knots by working extra stain into the crevices. In some cases, the wood may require a de-glosser to help the stain adhere better.

Whitewashing is not limited to shades of white. Whitewash stains work best for pine; whereas, pickling stains are better for oak. “Whitewashing” is actually more a technique than an actual color. You can choose from an array of colors, that when applied thinly, all achieve the whitewash appearance. The Miniwax Company is one example of a manufacturer that offers a line of pastels that still allow the grain of the wood to shine through.

Stains are fairly inexpensive, ranging in price between $10-$25. The process does require skill and labor, all of which a painting contractor will include in an estimate. Overall, whitewashing furniture or cabinets is a fun, trendy way to update outdated wood finishes for not a lot of expense. Request a free quote today from one of our certified contractors.

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