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Remodeling with Stripes

Remodeling with stripes can be an interesting concept. At first thought, you picture circus tents and obnoxious 70s prints. Stripes are actually making a comeback, as many styles do, and when done tastefully can be quite classy.

Stripes can create vastly different visual effects within a room. Horizontal stripes for example, are considered restful and bring width to a narrow room; whereas, vertical stripes increase height. The possibilities of decorating with stripes are endless; you can create striking, elegant, or subtle illusions all by the different way you arrange your stripes.

Whenever painting stripes, it is advisable to use subtle and contrasting colors. Glazes work well for this technique. Tape off your stripes with painter’s tape, then paint the darker glaze first. Allow it to dry, and then do the lighter color. When dry, add texture with a stencil design. For more of a classy look, use two different shades of the same color. Hand paint them for a more ruffled, imperfect look. You can also use two different finishes; try one strip in flat and one in semi-gloss.

Another method is to do a wainscoting effect. Use two soft colors, and paint about 1/3 of the wall with strips. Add a chair-rail molding, and then paint the rest of the wall with the lighter of the two colors.

You can incorporate wallpaper into your theme as well. Pay close attention to the scale of your designs when mixing stripes with other prints. Make sure they are not too large or overbearing. Florals and other patterns can be combined with stripes or used for borders.

Another method for incorporating stripes into your design is through fabric choices.Cover a couple of your chairs, use it in a bed ruffle, accent pillows, or curtain. Stripes are definitely “in” in interior design right now. Talk with your painting contractor about incorporating some trendy designs into your color palette.

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