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Painting Siding: from Prepping to Finishing Touches

One of the quickest and easiest ways to dress up a home is to repaint the siding. If your siding is in need of repair and fresh paint, here are some handy tips to get you started.

Properly prepare the surface. The preparatory steps are almost as important as the actual painting. Begin by thoroughly washing the siding. If the paint is peeling in any areas, sanding or scraping may be necessary. If regular hose strength is not sufficient, a power-washer might be best. If the paint is very thick or peeling drastically, sand-blasting the siding down to bare wood will look better. After the surface is as clean as possible, apply fresh caulking to seams. Look for any holes or cracks that should be repaired or loose boards that should be secured. Before going any further with the project, take the time to mask the windows and electrical outlets and to protect the roof from overspray.

Painting tips for optimum quality. Especially if you are changing the color or have sand-blasted the siding, a quality primer is recommended. Not only will it seal and protect the siding, it will help the color you’ve selected be more accurate and reduce the number of coats required. For large surfaces, a paint-sprayer works the best, but you can also use rollers or brushes. You can rent a sprayer for as little as $25 per day, and it can make the project go twice as fast.

Clean-up and finishing touches. After all coats of paint have dried completely, normally at least 24 hours, carefully remove the masking. Choose a small, firm brush for painting trim and other small details. It may be necessary to re-mask some areas such as around windows. After all paint is dry, electrical fixtures can be installed and other finishing details.

As with all painting projects, be sure the temperatures you choose to work in are congruent with what is recommended on the paint can. Avoid weather extremes, especially windy conditions. The material your siding is made out of impacts your painting methods also, and some different steps may be required for different materials. Painting your home is a big project, and it may be far more worth your time to simply hire a professional to help out a bit. Request free-estimates from pre-certified painting contractors today to make your project easier.

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