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Painting Drywall, for a Reliable and Quick Room Face-Lift

Drywall is actually one of the materials you are likely to paint the most throughout your lifetime. Still the favorite for interior wall-finish, drywall is easy and fun to paint.

Drywall is also called sheet-rock, and is the material applied over the insulation and studs in a wall to create a finished appearance. The seams are covered with a tape and joint compound, and skillfully hidden by repeat coats of compound. After all is smooth, the seams are sanded and the wall is ready for the finish coats.

Steps for Painting Drywall

  1. Whether you are working with new or older drywall, it will need to be properly prepared before applying any paint or primer. Spackle any holes or cracks, thoroughly clean the wall, and carefully mask anything that shouldn’t be painted. It helps to cover furniture and flooring as well.
  2. Regardless of what finish you decide to do on the wall, the drywall must be sealed with a primer first. Choose a gentle, water-based formula that will not damage the paper on the drywall. You may need two coats for a solid seal. This will protect the wall along with helping to hide the joints.
  3. Now it is time to decide which texture you want on the wall. If you are using wallpaper, it is best applied on a smooth wall. If you want a standard spray or hand plaster texture, a drywall contractor will be most skilled in applying this. There are other techniques that can be used to give the wall a textured appearance, such as faux painting, texture paints, using special rollers and adding sand to paint.
  4. It is now time to select your paint. Flat and satin finishes work best in general living areas. Semi-gloss, satin, and gloss sheens are more advisable in bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and children’s rooms. Interior paint is normally latex based.
  5. Take the time to carefully clean up. It is much easier to scrape splattered paint when it is fresh than later on. Look for any areas that need touching-up.

Painting is a reliable old standby for quick and easy facelifts. If you are at the point of painting your drywall, request assistance from certified painting contractors in your area.

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