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Outdoor Painting Safety

It is that time of year again. The storms of winter have past and warm spring days find us bustling around trying to clean up our homes before the heat of summer sets in. For many of us, that means finally addressing that paint job we’ve been putting off for too long. Here are just a couple of tips to ensure your project runs smoothly and safely.

Use the proper support. Inspect your ladder carefully to make sure it is still structurally sound. Never try to make your ladder work in areas that are unsafe or too high. It doesn’t cost very much to rent scaffolding for a day, and it will make your project easier as well as safer.

Ventilation is very important. If you are unable to work in well-ventilated areas, be sure to wear a protective mask, safety goggles, and even a head cover. This is especially important if you are using a sprayer or sanding old paint. If working on an older home, watch for lead paint and take care when stripping. A respirator may even be necessary if working with dangerous chemical strippers. Avoid working in windy conditions where much of the paint will become airborne.

Be aware of neighborhood children and pets throughout the extent of your project. Both are naturally curious, and colorful paint may be tempting to them. Keep all dangerous chemicals and substances out of their reach.

Know what is above you. When working with ladders and scaffolding, you must be aware of overhead power lines. Be careful around all electrical outlets, and take the time to properly mask all potential hazards.

Proper storage prevents accidents. Another consideration to keep in mind is to properly store all painting materials. If paints become too hot or come too close to a heat source, they can potentially become flammable.

Painting the exterior of your home can be a monumental task, what with all of the masking, painting, and detail work. If you want to save your energy for other projects this spring, consider hiring a professional painting contractor to make your life a little easier.

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