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Ideas for Creating a Purple Palette

Perhaps consulting with rock legend “Prince” would be the best thing to do in this situation? Because using the color purple for my next remodeling project doesn’t exactly bring the house down, if you know what I mean. Did I miss that call from the 80’s saying they want their color back? Did it even have a decade? Okay, maybe I crossed the line with that one. I apologize to all three fans of the color purple. But on the other hand, as I think this through, maybe there is a place for this nontraditional color. Purple is a cool and tranquil color; there must be a room in the house where we can utilize this feel good vibe.

Can I suggest going with iris in your new bathroom? Or how about using it in the remodeled loft? This color is the lighter side of purple. It provides some of the same characteristics of violet and deep purple but without the excitement or blackouts. Shades of plum and iris are soothing to the soul and would add separation from the rest of the house.

Speaking of houses, it seems I’m the oddball after all. Apparently, people from San Antonio to San Francisco have decided that painting the exterior of their homes purple and variations of that color is the thing to do. Bay Area residents started the trend of giving the royal treatment to their Victorian style homes, using purple paint to accentuate these classics. It’s been well documented, but something really good came out this purple haze. Residents have revitalized the “Painted Ladies” with eccentric colors and hues, making them landmarks of the city and its skyline. Once upon a time, this area of San Francisco was a scar on the community. Now, these purple palaces add style and flare to the neighborhood.




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