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Finding your Color Scheme

In years past, there have typically been two or three “in” colors at a time, and they were normally intended to complement each other. In the 70’s it was earth tones, the mid-90’s welcomed blues and yellows, and the past 10 years have embraced various shades of green. If you are about to undertake a painting project, how do you determine just the right color scheme to fit both your home and personal taste?

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the decision, there is good news. There really is no set “in” color this year; leaving you with multiple options. Vibrant white is very prevalent; shades of rich chocolate and creamy caramel are tempting decorators’ taste buds, and various shades of blue are all being enjoyed. It doesn’t end there either. More cheery colors are also popular, including bright yellow, deep blue, sunny orange, and red.

Begin by classifying what style your house is. Is it modern contemporary, Victorian, traditional, country, etc.? After you have a general idea what look you’d like to achieve, you can research what colors are popular right now for each design.

Be aware of your intentions. If you plan on living in your house for longer than the immediate future, you can basically choose whatever color you want. However, if you are renovating for marketing purposes, you should be more conservative with your color selection. Not everyone has the same taste, and sometimes it is better to play it safe with colors. Avoid anything too strong or that really stands out. This applies to appliances and cabinets as well. If you choose a color such as orange that is popular right now, it will appear dated very quickly.

Do your homework. Most of us work well with visualization, and it can be very helpful to have an example to follow. Begin to pay close attention to magazine articles, online galleries, even television commercials for inspiration. Another wonderful venue to spark creativity is nature itself. Take a camera, capture your favorite colors of nature, and transfer the look to your color palette.

Painting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to makeover a room. Don’t worry too much about your decision – you can always change the color scheme in a couple of years. Work with your painting contractor to achieve just the right look for your home.

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