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Tools and Tips of the Trade: Dressing Up Your Walls

Are you tired of staring at blank, sterile walls? Could your walls double as a movie screen? Are you ready to finish your remodel project with style? Perhaps your walls simply need some dressing up, some personal flair. There are many wonderful ideas out there for turning your monochromatic, vacant wall into something extraordinary. Here are some helpful hints to ensure that you are happy and satisfied when it comes time to move the furniture back into your new living room.

Wood Paneling

Wood paneling has really evolved over the years. Higher quality and a variety of styles make it much easier to find what you want and do it with the confidence that you will be happy with your choice for years to come. You can choose to cover the width and breadth of the wall with paneling (usually 1/4”-3/4” tongue-and-groove or shiplap) or choose wainscoting in which, usually, the bottom third of the wall is paneling and the top two-thirds remains finished drywall (this is great for bathrooms, entryways, etc.). If you really want to take your paneling to the hilt, you can choose a raised panel system which, developed in the last twenty-five years, has a more antique, old-fashioned feel.


Wallpaper, often referred to now as “wallcovering” due to new varieties of material, is rebounding as a popular, intelligent choice for interior decoration. There is a myriad of choices available for wallpaper. You can choose from all kinds of colors, patterns, and materials. You can choose to cover the entire wall or utilize a border.


There are many innovative, stylistic ways to paint your walls that will move you away from the mundane. While a base color is an essential and critical selection in finishing up your new interior, you still have excellent options in terms of accent and breathing life into your walls. Some styles are stenciling, color washing, or even more complex techniques. You can ask a painting contractor about these and more options to enhance your interior walls.

These are but a few possibilities available when it comes time to dress up your walls. Be sure to ask your contractor about these and other ways to go with your remodel. Remember, this is your home so don’t be afraid to use some creative thinking. Personalizing your wall space does a lot to transform your House…into your Home.


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