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Comic Book Themes for the Kids’ Room

Comic books could not be more popular right now. If the kids aren’t reading them they’re seeing them on televisions and movie screens the world round. Marvel Comics even has its own production company. Like it or not, the odds are good that your son or daughter is a fan of one comic book or another. So the next time they ask why they don’t see Superman flying around, you can say: “Well maybe you will…maybe you will.”

That’s because creating a comic book theme out of your kid’s room is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, the hardest part will probably be deciding on which comic book or character to base the room on. Once you or the kids have decided that you can get started, it all starts with:


Paint the room in colors similar to that of the comic book or superhero in question. Superman was always an easy classic thanks to his bright colors and innocent quality. Comic book heroes nowadays are a tad darker, so this could be tricky unless you are content painting your child’s room black and grey—not very stimulating colors. Fear not, however, as you can always choose the brighter color for a base (or even white) and add some graphics to seal the deal.


In this age of computer printing it seems like anything is possible. In fact, thanks to sites like fathead.com, you can easily paste a life-size rendering of Batman, Ironman, or Wolverine right up there on the wall. They are like the baseball pennants of generations before, only these actually look like they’re stepping into the room. If that’s a bit too much, you may be able to find comic-themed wallpaper or borders for a more subtle approach (Good luck explaining subtlety to a 10-year old, however.)

Linens and Things

Hero or comic book themed sheets, bedspreads, towels, and the like are nothing new. They’ve been around since the days before Batman’s real name was Adam West and special effects involved tilted cameras and leotards. There is a reason that superhero bed sheets have never gone out of style; because they work and kids will always be kids. So don’t hesitate to adorn the room with all the comic book trimmings.

Involving the Kids

Other hands-on approaches for parents and kids include some fun decorating. Try grabbing a bunch of stickers of one or all of their heroes and start sticking them on the toy box, trash can, desk, anything that isn’t precious (for instance walls, wood desks, windows, etc.) You could also let the kids have a hand in painting—if not the walls then some furniture unique to them such as that toy box, or a wooden chair. Perhaps a book shelf to display those comic book action figures or, if real wallpaper doesn’t cut it, try superhero desktop wallpapers as a finishing touch. The options are as endless as a child’s imagination.

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