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Common Causes of Dry Rot

It’s a versatile and fast-moving, wood-destroying fungus.
Left unchecked it causes serious structural damage to homes and businesses, not to mention creating a health hazard. The culprit is dry rot and it occurs when water penetrates wood, allowing bacteria and micro fungi to colonize.
Using wood as a source of food, the fungi weakens and destroys these timbers. Wood exposed to dry rot begins to shrink and crack, leading
to the formation of a mushroom-like fungus that spreads rapidly in a never-ending search for water and food.

Common causes of fungal decay around the home are easy to find.
Start by checking for leaky rain gutters and defective roof flashing. Water can seep in, reaching exposed boards.
Stopping the spread with an anti-fungus spray usually won’t work because these microbes are inside the wood.

Dry rot will flourish in dark, humid environments, especially when there’s little or no ventilation.
Garages and storage sheds are prime locations for that type of incubation. These areas usually go unchecked and contain additional food sources like cardboard boxes or even papers. These materials can ignite an infestation of mold through condensation.

Plumbing leaks, steam, and inadequate ventilation under floors can produce an outbreak, too.
Even wood coming in contact with damp masonry will trigger dry rot.

The reason dry rot is difficult to detect is because it operates at a microscopic level and spores
remain active up to three years. If you see rotting wood in your garage or in the sublevel or crawl spaces of your home,
the next step is containment. Read more about how to deal with dry rot on our website.

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