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Weeding Schedule and Procedure

Weeds grow in different times of the year and under different conditions. Battling any weed problem can be a tough task. Perennial seeds can be dormant for years and then suddenly spread through the garden like a plague. This would be enough to overwhelm anyone.

When weeds are small they can be controlled very easily. Pick them out by hand once a week. Do this from spring to fall in the vegetable garden and flower beds. If allowed to grow and mature, weeds become unattractive nuisances. They’ll steal nutrients and water from your plants and spread easily.

To get rid of mature weeds, you may have to water the area a day before to loosen the soil, then hunker down and yank’em outta there. This is really the toughest part of maintaining a garden or flowerbed. Continue your weed-pulling sessions once a week, until the weeds are gone. Dandelions are a hearty group but even they can be eliminated by this method. Once the weeding is complete, plant attractive ground cover to keep future weed growth down.

To control weeds early in the season, place a 2-inch layer of mulch over the top of the entire garden. This tactic can prevent the weeds from germinating, but it’s not always 100 percent. Another option is to try landscaping fabric over the top. This is more of a preparation tool for the next growing season; it kills everything. And try not to use herbicides in the home garden. It requires careful handling and it’s usually not conducive to smaller gardens, you’re better off trying to remove them by hand.

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