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Creative Spring Décor: Displaying Branches

Outside we find ourselves in the throes of spring anew. We enjoy the sun’s slow return to domination as Mother Nature begins to show her smile once again. Color returns to the stark winter landscape; green grass and leaves return with fervor followed by a million rainbows worth of flowers. On the human side we shed layers and cabin fever, venture out, populate farmer’s markets once again and begin harvesting some of spring’s colorful flowers and frills to be put on display in our newly cleaned and vibrant homes.

Some flowers we’ll purchase, others we’ll pluck, some we’ll even plant for use later on. Yet there is an oft unsung hero of spring decorating that should be lauded for its beauty and stand-out style: the spring branch. Stems, after all, aren’t the only thing that grows flowers. Trees with their branches make a pretty good stab at it. Tree and shrub blossoms are not overlooked in our culture by any means. Cherry, pussy willow, apple, forsythia, lilac; all are famous for creating a beautiful spring landscape.

Still, bringing them indoors is an idea oft overlooked despite some real potential for creative spring decor. For one, branches can be cut to a variety of lengths. Some might prefer a more subtle approach of no more than two feet long in a standard vase; a great spring centerpiece. Yet towering, six-feet-tall displays are equally possible, usually in entryways, corners, or at the end of corridors.

Whether it be the renowned beauty of the cherry blossom or the powerful scent of lilac, what better way to bring springtime into the home than on the very branches from which it grows?

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