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Soothing Backyard Waterfalls

One of the most soothing, relaxing sounds on earth is the sound of trickling water. Not many of us get the opportunity very often to hike up a mountain stream to find that illusive waterfall gushing over the rocks. Although it would be difficult to completely recreate the full awe-inspiring effect of a natural waterfall, you can still enjoy the soothing beauty of running water to your backyard through building a waterfall.

Designs Waterfalls can be created in just about any style you can imagine. You can incorporate it into a swimming pool or pond, or utilize a natural stream already running though your property. The more natural looking the better. Build your water feature out of as many natural materials as possible to truly recreate that look of nature.

Building your waterfall - Your contractor can either use a kit or simply buy the components that you specifically need. For a low maintenance natural look, layer gravel and stone over your liner to naturally filter the water. Install an underground sump at the base to catch the water and then a pump to re-circulate the water back to the top. Landscape around the base with large stones and decorative plants. There are also numerous kits available that will work with whatever design you have in mind. The size of your pump depends on the size of your waterfall. The right size is important to avoid excess energy costs.

There are many manufacturers of waterfall kits. The Vanishing Waterfall Kit ™ is one model that promotes ease of use and low water usage, and it costs about $850. Another option is the inexpensive Waterfall Weir Kit available from The Home Depot. This kit comes complete with tubing, pump, liner, and filter, and is only $199 including shipping. Most models are low maintenance when properly installed, and many have energy saving features as well.

A water feature can add class and beauty to any yard, both front and back. What better way to relax or entertain guests than with the soothing sounds of splashing water in the background? Request a free estimate from one of our landscape contractors today to create your own beautiful waterfall.

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