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Reclaiming the Garden Shed

Maximizing the space of
your garden shed can make all the difference. The shed can be a multi-purpose
storage area that holds everything from gardening supplies to gymnasium
equipment. Spruce it up by adding a work bench, power supply, and plenty of
additional storage shelves. If you can create more space through better
organization, the shed can be a valuable asset. Provide hooks where you can,
like on walls and ceilings. Then add optional easy access shelves. This can be
a great way to keep clutter out of the house and help you make the most out of
your garden shed.

On the opposite end of this
spectrum, an unorganized shed defeats the purpose of having a seasonal storage
unit. Not to mention the chance of exposing children and pets to hazards like
sharp tools and a variety of toxins typically scattered about in a cluttered
shed. If your shed lacks good work space and you’re not sure which pile is which,
it may be time to retire the garden shed and just use the space for something

But if you want to re-organize
and get the most out of it, here’s what you can do:

  • Store the larger tools like ladders, rakes, shovels, clippers, and extending tree saws on wall hooks. These tools can be safely organized along the wall with bungee cords to hold them.
  • Wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, and weed whackers take up large chunks of floor space; most of the time that’s fine, you should plan for that. But if space is limited, the wheelbarrow can be tilted upright and leaned against the wall.
  • If you have a reel mower, it can be put on wall hooks as well.
  • Wood working tools such as saws, drills, hammers, and screwdrivers need to be put away in the work bench or footlocker.
  • Try to make a separate area for the gardening equipment.
  • Tools and supplies should be available and within arms reach.

You’ll want to wear rubber
or gardening gloves as you clean and organize harmful toxins areas. Things like
snail bait, weed killer, and insecticides can be stored together, along with
gasoline, propane, and strong cleaners. It’s not a bad idea to secure these
potential hazards in a metal locker, just to keep them out of harm’s way. To
finish the cleaning project, take a broom and knock out cobwebs and then sweep
up any rodent droppings. If chewed entry holes have been made, use caulk to
seal them up. Use an industrial vacuum to make a final sweep of the floor,
walls, and ceiling. As you look around the interior of the shed you’ll see the
eyesore has disappeared and you’ve reclaimed the garden shed.



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