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The Perfect Outdoor Setting for Your Sauna

A sauna is a small room or house designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions. The oldest known saunas were pits dug in a slope in the ground and primarily used as dwellings in winter. The sauna featured a fireplace where stones were heated to a high temperature. Water was thrown over the hot stones to produce steam and to give a sensation of increased heat. This would raise the apparent temperature so high that people could take off their clothes”

Saunas are designed to reach temperatures up to 180°F, and are only tolerable because of their humidity control. Historically, saunas had more of a practical purpose, now they are popular for social settings and detoxification of the body through sweating.

Many saunas are indoors, but it can be equally desirable to have one outside; especially if you have a pool or hot tub. Typically constructed out of wood, saunas can be portable, custom built, or purchased pre-built. They’re available in either the traditional electric heated rocks or infrared models.

Picture this scenario: French doors opening onto a clean deck that sports a wet bar and barbeque. Step off of the deck onto a cobblestone path leading to a refreshing pool surrounded by cool limestone pavers. At one end of the pool a waterfall splashes gracefully into the water. Next to the pool, is a sauna room. The whole yard is surrounded by beautiful tall trees for privacy. Here, you have the ultimate center for relaxation after a long day at work.

Many people may prefer a sauna more in the winter, and the thought of having to bundle up and walk through the elements to the far side of the yard may be a deterrent. Your contractor can employ some simple solutions to work around this dilemma. Be sure your sauna has a strong roof system, proper insulation, and a sturdy foundation. A sauna can be built close to your house for easy access, and a breezeway can add additional protection.

Saunas can be as inexpensive as $1600 if ordered pre-built. To build a quality outdoor setting, you should expect to pay much more. It is advisable to have a professional install your sauna to ensure proper installation of electrical components.

What better way to relax your stiff and tired body after a long day? Contact a certified contractor today for a free estimate to add a sauna to your home.

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