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A Peaceful Outdoor Shower

What could be more natural than going au naturale in the great out-of-doors? Many people are finding this reconnection with nature rejuvenating – and amazingly, not a tad out of place in the modern home.

Here’s how to create a little outdoor oasis:

#1 – Think Green. Outdoor showers are a great project for using green materials. You could build an entire enclosure out of items found in the woods surrounding your home. The design should be as natural as possible - you want it to blend right in. And as for costs, typical outdoor shower fixtures are more rugged than stylish, which is usually a price advantage.

#2 – Get Creative. A project like this is a terrific way to flex your design muscles. Look for clever ways to hang your towels, stash your shampoo and conditioner, disguise the drainage system and give yourself a relaxing, natural view.

Outdoor shower

#3 – Address Privacy. Yes, you will be naked outside. Unless you’re willing to put on a show for the creepy dude next door, put up some sort of enclosure. Natural barriers work beautifully. They’ll lend you the privacy you need while still allowing the feel of total isolation.Outdoor shower Suggested enclosure materials: bamboo, stone or a vine-covered trellis.

#4 – Plan for Winter. Many people have discovered that a hot shower in chilly weather can be invigorating. However, once the temps start digging below zero, the outdoor pipes will need to be drained and winterized. Make sure you consult a local plumber to be certain proper plumbing is in place.

#5 – What About Gray Water? You may not be filthy, but the water that runs off of your shower is not fit for ground consumption. Shower runoff contains chemicals from your soap and shampoo that should not be allowed to drain back into the earth. Check your local zoning laws for gray water regulations and work out a design with your plumber that will be consistent with these regulations, as well as friendly to the planet.


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