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Ideas for Your Outdoor Lighting – Set the Mood

There are quite a few different purposes for having outdoor lighting. And almost every home has it. We need outdoor lighting to see where we’re going, look out for strange activity, display our homes or accent pieces, display our gardens, display our entrances, and set the mood for relaxation or parties.

For each purpose, there is a light. Flood lights, for instance, are mainly used for security, spotlights for gardens and signs, LED lights for energy efficiency, wall lights for décor, bollard lights for stylish pathways, and post lights for brightening the garden. We also can’t forget solar lighting (this type of lighting has become quite popular, as it is charged by the light of the sun during the day), commercial lighting, low-voltage lighting, deck lighting and chandelier lighting.

A good way to create a look for your outdoor lighting is to match up the style light with the style home you have.

For example, if you have stone on your house, you could use a type of light that looks medieval or castle like. At the same time, think of the color of your home and how the light fixture would look during the day. This way, you can get an idea of the texture of the light fixture. You may want a brushed look, or rusted look depending on the color of your home.

What about your garden? Do you have one? You could also add a touch of mystery to your yard by adding neat post or pathway lights that create the mood of “secret garden.” For instance, think of the movie Narnia, when the children walk into to land of Narnia. There was one light post. This post was put there to create the mood of mystery and beauty.

Of course you want something that everyone will remember, and maybe something that would make for a good “marker” to locate your house.

Structure and character are good details that should be used when choosing an outdoor light. Focus on the fact that outdoor lighting is necessary, and used for décor. The placement of your lighting should make sense to the structure of your house and the location that the light is needed. The type of light you choose should also comply with the electrical work that may or may not need to be done. It is wise to understand the risk factors when installing a light fixture for your outdoor lighting.

When you have finally decided on lighting type and where it will go, remember that a certified electrical contractor will always use good installation habits!

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