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Requirements for the Outdoor Fish Pond

Any sort of water feature can be an attractive focal point that brings value and beauty to your yard. A fish pond brings an added element of interest in that it brings a touch of nature right into your yard. The proper installation is important to the success and long-term enjoyment of a fish pond.

If properly installed and maintained, a pond can last forever. You can purchase a pond kit, or buy the basics separately. You will need a liner, under layer, filtration system, pump, and coping stones. A pond doesn’t have to be any deeper than two feet, ensuring safety for both children and pets. Select a circulating pump which will discourage mosquito breeding.

The location and design of your pond varies with the type of fish you are planning to raise. Goldfish are relatively easy to raise and grow relative to their environment. Koi, on the other hand, require a bit more work, but their uniqueness is definitely worth the extra work and investment. Koi should not be in direct sunlight. Choose a location that is shady, but not where leaves and other debris will cloud the water and affect the PH levels.

The key to easy maintenance is creating your own little eco-system. There are some simple ways to control algae and odors. A special bacterium that digests organic particles can be introduced into the water to ensure an odor and algae free pond. Snails can be beneficial to a pond, but only certain types should be used as they tend to propagate quickly. A Japanese trap door snail is recommended, as it tends to avoid most water plants, but will eat away at algae. Small frogs can also be beneficial for eating algae and should be introduced as tadpoles. Newts should be avoided as they spend most of their time hiding beneath rocks.

As with any backyard water feature, the proper surroundings are crucial to complete the desired look. Surround your pond with natural rocks, plants, steam, or a waterfall. If you are excited to begin your outdoor fish pond, request a free estimate today from one of our licensed contractors.

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