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Get Cozy Around an Outdoor Fire Pit

Usually when I moan about the pits, it’s stuff that bums me out. But in this case, it’s the exact opposite. Fire pits are warm, fun and inspirational, and create a lot of entertainment opportunities. Some of my most memorable times living out here in the country air were spent outside around a fire, getting warm, telling stories, playing music and, of course, roasting marshmallows.

Just about the only thing that is the pits when it comes to making a fire outside is creating the perfect place for it, gathering rocks, dragging up chairs, etc. Having a permanent outdoor fire pit, though, is the perfect solution.

Outdoor fire pits can be made in various styles, from the rustic campground look to the more modern, urban sleek look. What’s most important is finding a good, level safe place to put it.

The Natural, Rustic Fire Pit

This hearkens back to cavemen days - so incredibly fun. Just gather some medium to large rocks and arrange them in a circle. To make the circle taller, get relatively flat rocks that are easy to stack on top of each other and layer them as high as you like. Be careful that they’re stacked well or you’ll have some bruised toes on your conscience. Stability is key.

Bricks and Pavers

Bricks and pavers can be used instead of rock and are much easier to stack neatly and securely. It’s also a good idea to fill the bottom of the pit with a thick layer of gravel before throwing the firewood inside.

Urban Fire Pit

For a more urban fire pit, consider building a concrete trough in the ground or erecting a three or four-sided concrete container above ground. So hot right now.

Or of course, you can purchase fire pits ready to place in your backyard or on your patio. They come in a wide variety of unique, artistic and beautiful designs of metal, steel and concrete.

One of the most difficult aspects of a fire pit can come when you’ve gathered your crowd and are trying to get the fire going. The most common fuel for outdoor fires is wood, but if it’s too wet, too green, too large or the conditions aren’t just right, it can take a good deal of time to get a decent set of flames. Today, though, you can have a fire pit that uses alternative fuels like gas, gel or glass, which can create that romantic atmosphere almost instantaneously.

Admittedly, the indoor fireplace is a warm, romantic setting during cold and snowy winter days, but the outdoor fire pit can provide a fantastic setting for your family and friends all year round.

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