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Natural Swimming Pools, Making Their Way to Your Backyard from Europe

Natural swimming pools have been used in Europe for years now. These ponds are just beginning to emerge here in the United States. Natural ponds are chemical free and can be used year-round. They rely on a natural bio filters to clean the water and make it safe for human use.

How they work is fairly simple. There’s a barrier between the swimming area and the pond’s regeneration zone, or natural filter. This filter area contains a variety of water-loving plants. These plants will clean the water and matriculate crystal clear water back into the swimming pool.

Original natural swimming pools relied solely on this method to clean the water. Now, designers have become slightly more aggressive by introducing a hybrid approach. The upgraded natural pools can include elements from conventional swimming pools, like pumps, skimmers, and plumbing. But they still retain their hallmark design of separating the swimming area from the water filtration zone. Other options like adding a water fall or UV sterilizers are also an option.

One of the great things that come from having a natural swimming pool is the beauty they provide. They come in a multitude of designs and styles. If you’re looking to install or learn more about these fresh water swimming holes, I recommend checking out the following websites for more information on pool designs, styles, and installers.

Natural swimming pool websites:

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