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Landscaping a Patio, Creating an Environment

Have you ever sat outside, on someone else’s patio, and thought to yourself, “Wow, what a junkyard.” You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Too much clutter and no rhyme or reason; or, too much cement and no greenery. It makes you want to close your eyes and hope it’s all a bad dream. Then you go home and start looking at your own patio with nervous eyes. Perhaps it’s a bit too stark? Perhaps it’s time to get rid of that plastic Ficus tree and replace it with a real one?  

Considering that your patio is just as much a living space as any space inside your house, it shouldn’t get overlooked when it comes to planning. Your patio furniture is one aspect of your patio; how it’s landscaped is what ties everything together like a bow on a gift.

Creating an Environment

Your front yard sets the mood and offers a glimpse of what’s beyond. Your backyard is your personal, private oasis; your patio is the jewel of that oasis. Whether you want enchanting or Zen, proper landscaping is key in creating balance and harmony. The tips below are just a few ideas to help you create your perfect patio.


  • Select surrounding plantings to provide interest for every season. Colors should complement each other.
  • Choose flowering plants with fragrance for all seasons and plants that will complement each other with a variety of textures and heights.
  • For potted plants, choose plants that will stay compact or in proportion without constant pruning. Use various sizes of pots to create a terraced look; cluster three to five pots utilizing different shapes and heights.
  • Bring your patio alive by hanging lush groupings of flowers. Large planters made from wood, brick, or stone is perfect for separating space to create vignettes.
  • Place a potted manicured tree on both sides of the patio door to highlight and showcase the entrance.


  • Heat lamps and portable fire pits not only add warmth and allow you to entertain or relax in the cold months, they’re also attractive. A heat lamp will blend into the overall look. However, a fire pit will become a main focal point and create a feeling of intimacy.


  • Water features such as stand-alone fountains and wall fountains are a great joy to look at and listen to – soothing and peaceful. Bird baths add an element of charm and bird feeders are quaint and attract your garden’s best helpers.

Arbors and wall trellises

  • Arbors add height and dimension and create an intimate space. Plant jasmine or climbing roses on the arbor for beauty and privacy. Wall trellises are a great choice for long patios that run the entire length of your back wall; rather than look at wall you can weave a flowering vine through the trellis.


  • When entertaining at night, your lighting will set the mood for everything else. Soft lighting via bistro lights or candles will create a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Lanterns add a touch of whimsical flair. Tiki torches at the parameter of your patio will add a festive mood. There are a zillion things you can do with lighting to create whatever experience you wish – your imagination and the lighting choices available await you.

Wind chimes

  • Pretty to look at, they sing to you on warm breezy lazy days.

Landscaping your patio doesn’t need to be complex, but it pays to have a plan. Balance is crucial – not too much and not too little, not too short and not too high, etc. Keep that in mind along with the above tips, and the rest will come easy.

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