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Ideas for Creating Backyard Islands

An island flower bed created in the
backyard provides an instant focal point for visitors. This arrangement can
serve as the marquee element for years to come. The process is fairly simple.
Dig out the flower bed, and then proceed to plant trees, bushes, flowers,
and ground cover. Keep in mind, the tallest elements of this bed, like your
small crab apple trees, rose bushes, or dogwood, all need to be planted in the
center. Then smaller plants and flowers can be placed with decreasing height as
you get near the edges. Try regular bricks as a boarder. This adds a hint of
traditional to the island bed.

Another idea is to plant strictly flowers in the island bed. Use the same principle as before. Plant the tallest flowers
in the center and gradually work your way down in size. These beds are terrific
for attracting butterflies, hummingbirds, and honey bees.

Building a garden gazebo can literally put you right in the
thick of a man-made flower bed.
can get as creative as you want by filling the gazebo with flower
arrangements and planting climbing vines, (honeysuckle) and certain types of
climbing roses around the structure. During the hottest months of the summer
you’ll be relaxing with an ice cool beverage inside this Victorian style

Building a garden pond isn’t as hard as you might think. The industry has revolutionized construction time. They can
usually get it installed
in one day
. Plus with new technology, owners will have less maintenance and
provide a more natural looking pond. This tranquil addition is a unique
backyard centerpiece and more affordable than it used to be. You can also look
at installing waterfalls, streams, or a combination waterfall and pond.




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