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Landscaping in Hilly or Sloped Areas

Landscaping in hilly or sloped areas can present some challenges, but there is no reason why your yard can’t be just as beautiful and awe inspiring as a level yard. When done correctly, landscaping can actually prevent soil erosion and mud slides.

Start with a plan. Discuss with your landscaping contractor the design you have in mind. He can assist you in creating a theme that best suits the contour of your yard. Perhaps a deck would work best close to the house, overlooking the yard below. Depending on the grade of your slope, you may need stairs or a walkway to guide you through retaining walls and lush greenery.

Add a sensible irrigation system. Sloped areas have a harder time retaining water, and if you want your plantings to thrive without adding additional erosion, it is advisable to install drip irrigation on individual plants and a sprinkler system on lawns. Lawns can be more difficult to maintain on steep topography.

Don’t skimp on retaining walls. One of the best methods for controlling soil erosion is well-placed retaining walls. Not only that, but when adorned with attractive plants and flowers, they are quite spectacular. Retaining walls can be built out of wood, concrete, brick, or natural stone. “This Old House” recommends installing a French drain at the base of your retaining walls to dispose of rainwater that tends to collect at the base of the walls.

Select plants that will thrive. You landscaper should be knowledgeable in this area, but when selecting your plants, choose low-maintenance plants that are native to your climate. Request plants that have deep and wide root-systems to aid in holding the soil in place. If you want trees for privacy, select quick-growing evergreen varieties that will provide shade and privacy year-round.

Landscaping a sloped or hilly terrain can be labor intensive, and can be more expensive than a more basic yard. Don’t allow this to put a damper on your plans. Even though it may cost a little more, you are adding value to your home. Because it is highlighted on a hill, your landscaping will actually stand out more than a level terrain; and will stand out for all to see. Why not just talk to a professional landscaper and get his opinion on landscape options for your yard, and get a free-quote at the same time.

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