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Five Great Green Landscaping Possibilities

1. Adding a water feature to your landscape promotes meditation and relaxation. 2. Solar powered lighting is a great way to illuminate a walkway without wiring.

Spring is in the air and many people get antsy about gardening and beautifying their property. Be creative and with a little careful planning, you can develop a garden that is both beautiful and sustainable for many years to come.

Here are five ideas for your garden retreat:

  1. Type of garden
  2. Native plants and trees for sustainability
  3. Recycled materials
  4. Water features
  5. Outdoor lights

Type of Garden

The lay of the land determines the unique design for your attractive and ecologically sound garden. However, you have to do your homework first. Take a notebook, jot down the direction of your land, and mark shrubs, flowers, and trees already there. Hire an experienced landscape designer specialized in green landscaping.

Be creative and with a little careful planning, you can develop a garden that is both beautiful and sustainable for many years to come.

Native plants and trees for sustainability

The library, the internet, nurseries, and garden societies for native plants and trees can give sound advice when it comes to finding what grows best in your area. Drought and disease resistant plants, shrubs, and trees need little water once they are established. Check for soil deficiencies; amend the soil with organic fertilizers and compost. You can control weeds without chemicals by putting down landscaping cloth that will also conserve water.

Recycled materials

Knowing the climate zone for your garden determines the amount of water you will need for your garden. Water hoses, irrigation pipes, and sprinkler systems made entirely from recycled materials are widely available. Solar, electrical, or water-powered timer systems control the amount and quantity of water. Many eco garden catalogs though usually pricier than others offer everything you need to either plant and maintain your garden/landscape - from heirloom seeds to fencing materials. If you are not fond of deer and rabbit in your garden, invest in a deer fence that is at least 8 feet tall. Place statues, plaques, stepping stones, or gazing globes in areas you particularly like.

Water features

In or above ground ponds, surrounded by water plants, create havens for frogs, dragonflies, bees, and butterflies; they invite you to rest and meditate. A fountain powered by submerged solar energy keeps mosquitoes away. Find or make an attractive birdbath and place it in a flowerbed near the house. You could also design a dry creek bed with smooth river rocks in different hues that meanders through your landscape. Place trees and shrubs strategically to complement that look.

Outdoor lighting

Illuminating a path or special feature in your garden is no longer a job that requires laying down wires. There is a wide choice of outdoor lighting available that is solar powered and gives off just enough light without blinding your neighbors. Find one that uniquely fits your needs.

Water Wise Gardening

  • Green Landscaping
  • Eco-Friendly Garden Design
  • Water Features
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