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The Wave Table: Innovative Dining Room Furniture

Old-fashioned dining rooms are classic, stylish and nice and all, but just don’t fit with the personal style of so many people I know, including myself. Why would you want a formal dining room that doesn’t mesh with your tastes, one that sticks out like a sore thumb in your home décor? If you’re ready for a more modern, more you look, check out the chic new dining tables by Tonin Casa.

This Italian furniture company is bringing dining rooms back into fashion with several modern lines of sleek black, white and glass pieces that really capture the eye. While they’re definitely stylish furniture, the tables and chairs by Tonin Casa are works of art as well. Many of their tables, like the Wave Contemporary Dining Table, are more sculpturesque at the base, topped by a magnificent expanse of luxuriant glass.

Wave table

The Wave table is a sheet of glass atop a large white wave - almost shaped like ribbon candy. The glass top can be ordered in any of four different colors for creating an even bigger impression. While the wave is white, your glass top could create a stark contrast in black, make a clean sweep in white, be a bit more traditional in clear, or add a little mystique with champagne.

Wave table

The table isn’t just for looks, although you’ll have a tough time keeping your guests’ eyes off it. It’s fully functional with the sturdy base and ample top, as well as extendable if you so desire. The Wave can come as a fixed unit or expandable set for additional seating.

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