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Striking Stainless Steel Kitchens

Are you a sucker for streamlined design and sleek surfaces? Do restaurant kitchens make you giddy? Then you may need to forgo that granite for a rendezvous with stainless steel. With cutting-edge organizational possibilities and easy assembly, you may just never go back.

Stainless steel kitchen

Perhaps the biggest advantages of stainless steel are durability and easy-to-clean surfaces. And if fingerprints drive you insane, then choosing products on the upper-end can not only mask pesky marks, but scratches as well. In addition, stainless steel designs offer large amounts of functional storage space that can be transformed much more easily than with other materials. Both aspects make these types of kitchens ideal for large families.

Stainless steel kitchen

Designs like this one from an Italian company, Berloni, capitalize on the smooth efficiency that stainless steel lends itself well to. It even leaves room for seating after a meal is prepared. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t offer a guarantee that the food will taste as good as the kitchen looks.

Stainless steel kitchen

If Berloni’s kitchen design doesn’t seem like a fit, then the warmth of ToyoKitchens may provide a better alternative. Mixing in wood pieces with the clean look of stainless steel, this Japanese company seamlessly blends these two very different materials.

Stainless steel kitchen

Whatever design floats your boat, it’s clear that this new trend in kitchen design is reinventing the art of cooking.

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