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Space Saving Fusion Table

Is your home too small for a dining set? Guess again! The Fusion Table from Ikea is a great space-saving table for apartment dwellers. The table and chairs are a match in every sense, from their dark ash wood veneer to the curves and contours. In fact, when you push in all four chairs, the pieces are practically indistinguishable. The set is just under three feet in length and breadth, with a rich brown finish and chrome-plated steel legs. Each corner of the table has been curved to form nicely finished, rounded edges.

The chrome and deep wood contrast create a striking effect, giving it that elegant dining set look. The Fusion Table could easily be your everyday eating set, but could also double as other things, such as a living room feature, corner work area or a party table for your next fine dinner event or holiday feast.

Naturally, such a small set does have its drawbacks. You’ll never fit more than four chairs around the table. This is definitely not the piece you want if you plan on serving anything buffet-style.

The Fusion Table and chairs are ideal if don’t have the space or need for more. Elegant dinner party for you and your honey plus another couple? Fantastic. Thanksgiving for the Osmond family? Better make reservations.

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