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Small Kitchen Fixtures

If you are faced with a small kitchen, don’t be discouraged. You’re not confined to microwave dinners for the duration of your stay in your house. There are many small, compact appliances and fixtures specially designed for tiny kitchens.

Anyone who’s ever lived in an apartment or visited a motel is familiar with the tiny refrigerators and mini-freezers that melt your ice-cream. There are quality models that run much more efficiently. Compact refrigerator/freezer combos are inexpensive and fairly easy to find. GE appliances offers several models ranging in size from 1.7 cubit feet to 6 cubit feet. They come in white, stainless, or black and range in price from $119-$309.

Built-in ovens tend to come smaller (around 24”) than the standard 30” free-standing models. If your space is even smaller than this, consider using a stovetop only. These come in two-burner models for space efficiency. Almost all of the manufacturers carry these. They are available in both gas and electric.

Dishwashers also come in a compact model, approximately 18 inches in width. They tend to be more of a specialty item and are a little harder to find. The GE appliance company carries a line that can be specially ordered.

Microwaves are perhaps the easiest and least expensive compact fixture to find. Choose from several sizes of built-in models, range hood combinations, or free-standing styles. Manufactured by Kenmore, GE, Kitchen Aid, Jenn-Air, and Amana, microwaves range in size from 0.7 cubit feet to 2.0 cubit feet. Prices range from $56 to over $3000 for a microwave/oven combination.

Another option for a really small space is a compact arrangement marketed by the Avanti Company. This combination unit is a total of 30” in width and comes with a sink, refrigerator, stove top, and storage cabinet. Available in black, white, or stainless, these ingenious units cost about $700.

Don’t allow a small kitchen to restrict your cooking enthusiasm. Contact a certified contractor today to start cooking up your kitchen remodel, and add more variety to your menu.

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