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Restored Hardware for Historic or Contemporary Homes

For the homeowner, most every project follows the same course of events: awe and amazement as the demolition begins, studied interest as the facelift or re-build ensues. There is slight impatience or frustration as obstacles and delays rear their ugly heads. Finally, spirits elevate as the job comes together, but it’s the finishing touches that prompt smiles and sighs of relief.

Paint, trim, and the all-important hardware accomplish this task. While hardware comes last, it is essential that it be planned for as soon as the budget is established. Much more so if your project consists of a period restoration or remodel.

When I was a carpenter’s apprentice about forty years ago, a mentor of mine was doing Victorian restorations in Los Gatos, California. In those days, little was available in the way of replacement parts. Damaged or missing trim pieces were recreated by hand on a wood lathe and hardware was repaired or re-made from scratch, usually by sand mold method. Today, however, there are companies, such as those found on www.rejuvenation.com, that supply entire lines of period hardware ranging from Colonial to several styles of Victorian. Their fixture lines include some of the first light fixtures not to require oil.

But don’t think because your project is contemporary that these artistic touches can’t be yours. A Victorian door knocker can emphatically alter the appearance of a home’s entrance. Delicate, elegant, or elaborate wall scones placed in a dining or living room can make a statement of charm and beauty unique to your home. Period lighting fixtures and chandeliers make a one-of-a-kind statement without breaking the flow of your design. Additionally, the look your fixtures establish can be carried out with similar or matching hardware for cabinets, drawers, and hutches.

I can’t imagine how much simpler life would have been for my old friend had he access as we do today do to such complete and authentic products. I would think knowledge of this might cause some homeowners to alter their design plans. Whether your quest is restoration, remodel, or a tasteful facelift, Period hardware, now readily available, is an artistic touch that will give your home an appearance unique unto itself.

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