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Remodeling a Roomy Kitchen, What Should You Do With All that Space?

A large kitchen is definitely an asset to any home, and utilizing all of the extra space is a fun problem to face. The kitchen tends to be a popular gathering spot for friends and family at some point throughout the day, and the more spacious, the better. Here are some ideas on how to use your space for optimal aesthetics and functionality.

Cabinets- Work with your contractor or cabinet manufacturer to create a layout that is practical, efficient, and complete with adequate design features. A pantry cabinet provides ample food storage. Choose cabinets with deep drawers, plenty of shelves, and quality hardware. Add extra features such as a wine rack, appliance garage, hidden refrigerator and freezer, or glass paneled doors. Include a cabinet desk for a kitchen office space. This can come in handy for quick business transactions while you’re otherwise occupied.

Appliances- If you have plenty of space to work with, consider purchasing custom appliances. There are many stylish range hoods to choose from, including large chef’s stoves, modern refrigerator/freezer combos, and under cabinet warmers.

Countertops- Whether cooking is your passion or you just do the basics after a busy day, a large working space aids in functionality and orderliness. Add a bar for style and convenience.

Island - Add an island cabinet to use up extra space and provide more work space. If space allows, install a picture window with a comfy window seat or a cozy breakfast nook.

Accesorize - Add plenty of finishing touches to your kitchen. Use a warm color palette to create an inviting space. Add your favorite art, personalize with your favorite theme, add an attractive backsplash, and use decorative moldings on your cabinets. Bare walls tend to make an area feel even larger than necessary, while properly placed accessories can create a complete, well-put together feel.

If you are going to take the time and expense to remodel your kitchen, you should go the extra mile and make it as attractive and functional as possible. Considered the Number one selling feature for resale, you are likely to recover much of your investment at some point. Contact one of our certified contractors today to receive a free estimate for your kitchen remodel.

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