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Why Range Hoods Are All the Rave

Shopping for a new range hood shouldn’t be too hard, right? Once you begin researching range hoods, you’ll be amazed at all of the new features, styles, and designs. With such a vast variety available, determining which one is right for your kitchen can become a daunting, but enjoyable task.

Appearance. If you can imagine it, they’ve probably designed it. Range hoods come in everything from stainless steel with hand-blown glass, to wood and copper finishes. They can include frosted glass and a seamless design with a slide-out glass canopy. When paired with a decorative rock, brick, or stainless chimney for a backdrop, your hood can become a striking focal point.

Features. The low-end, inexpensive models come with a basic up-draft, down-draft, or no draft fan. From the basic bare-bones, the features increase to include microwave hoods, under-cabinet mounts, island chases, and wall mounts. Features include oil filters, different motor speeds, LCD screens, auto-shutoff, and heat-sensors.

Health. Just as second-hand smoke is harmful to your health, smoke and airborne chemicals can also be dangerous. A quality venting system is important to remove these toxins. A quality range hood will not only vacuum, but will re-circulate fresh air.

Ventilation. A ducted range hood will remove unwanted odors from your home. Additionally, it can remove excess moisture brought on by steam and dishwashing, thus preventing mold and dry rot.

Range hoods vary in price between $99 for a basic model that includes a fan and a light to the top of the line hammered copper model for $11,144. Choosing and installing the right hood for your kitchen can be an ominous undertaking. One of our certified kitchen contractors can evaluate your kitchen, and give you some direction as to which model is best for you. Although the large array of specs and features can be overwhelming, it is also exciting to have such a spectacular field of options.


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