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Quatuor, the Precision-Pour Kitchen Gadget

Ask me if my kitchen is organized and I’ll tell you, yes - at least until you open my pantry. Now that thing is a mess of strange canned concoctions that have since morphed into new and deadly food species.

So, even though I’m fairly organized in the kitchen, there’s definite room for improvement. Luckily, just the thing is on the way. Arthur Senant and Yanko Design are pairing up for a kitchen gadget that will clean your clock…or maybe just your pantry.

Quatuor kitchen gadget

The Quatuor is a set of four stovepipe-style capsules that can be mounted on your wall. Each clear capsule can hold any type of ingredient you can think to fill it with. They’re great for easy-pour servings of cereal, condiments, flour, sugar, oatmeal, dried fruits, etc. Quatuor kitchen gadget

The best part of all? The kitchen organizer even has a built-in scale for precision measuring and pouring.

Say you’re making brownies. You can program it to dispense two cups of flour right into your mixing bowl and then turn around and tell it to give you a cup of sugar from the next capsule.

The Quatuor is still in design phase while the geniuses are trying to decide what type of dispenser the device should have. In the meantime, though, stovepipe organizers of different varieties are hitting the market as people are increasingly intrigued by their commercial debuts.

Kids always love pouring their cereal into their own bowls from those clear buffet tubes. If you’re a baker, dieter, or just a tad anal, you may want to wait for the Quatuor. I haven’t seen any other organizers like this that have the programmable scale, which could be really handy.

Quatuor kitchen gadget

Any way you slice it, I’d be sure to hang ‘em high. No matter how neat and tidy they make your kitchen look, they’re also magnets for little hands just dying to see if a whole capsule of sugar can turn the kitchen into a sweet indoor sandbox.

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