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Hilarious Mustache Salt & Pepper Shakers

In a world where Hollywood seems to be out of original ideas and the fashion industry appears to be recycling old looks more than creating new ones, how many times have you been able to look at an item and think, “Wow! I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before?” Surprisingly few, I would imagine.

It’s good to see that some people still have their thinking caps on and although the motives behind their creation may seem a bit fuzzy, it’s fun to find truly unique things nonetheless. A definite example of this rare phenomenon is the Mustache Salt and Pepper Shaker by Paper Doll Woodshop.

Mustache salt and pepper shakers

The pair of table accessories are currently being sold on Etsy, an eStore designed especially for handmade arts and crafts items. The Rochester-based crafter designed a thick and curly wooden mustache that separates in the middle, revealing two halves - one for salt and one for pepper.

Imagine having a wooden replica of facial hair sitting right in the middle of your kitchen table. Shake them over your plate and sprinkle some spicy dandruff on your food. Mmm?

Mustache salt and pepper shakers

The mustache is made of walnut and really is a very nicely made item. A ball-and-groove system holds the two halves together. One half has fewer holes than the other, so you can distinguish between the salt and pepper, but the designer leaves it up to you to decide which seasoning deserves the higher flow.

If the concept is too strange for you, just start telling people that it’s really a pair of whales kissing. It’s all in how you look at it!

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