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Cool Multifunctional Spoon Magnet

You have 10 seconds to add the chili powder or the universe is going to implode. You frantically tear apart your silverware drawer, cursing to yourself at whoever unloaded the dishwasher last because you can’t locate the one spoon you so desperately need!

Just chill out. You don’t have to worry about finding a measuring spoon under pressure ever again. Why, you ask? Because it’ll always be where it belongs – magnetically stuck to the refrigerator. Not only are these spoons convenient to locate, but they brighten up the kitchen with cool colors: hot pink, sky blue, avocado green, lemon yellow, midnight black and cherry red.

The handy gadget comes with a tablespoon on one end and a teaspoon on the other. It includes a half-measure fill line in both spoons. They’re dishwasher-safe and the grip makes them easy to hold.

The best part about these handy spoons is that they’re always working for you – as a shopping list, memo, kid art-holder or spoon!

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