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Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Depending on the design, even the most spacious kitchens can feel like cramped quarters. So what can you do? Are you destined to live your life like a sardine every time you have to cook a meal? No way, Jose! All you need are a few tips & tricks to rearrange the kitchen.

Time to clear off the countertops. Put away small appliances that you don’t use everyday and organize your cabinets to maximize storage space.You’ll probably want your coffee maker and toaster on the counter, but maybe you can put away the coffee bean grinder, the can opener and yesterday’s mail.

Get rid of anything that isn’t nailed down. If you have portable furniture masquerading as extra storage space (a pie rack, island, chopping block, etc.), find somewhere else in the house for it to live. We spend so much of our time in the kitchen - you can’t relax while tripping over needless obstacles.

Make a donation pile of kitchen stuff that you don’t really need. Learn how to stack things to give yourself more shelf space. Stack your bowls, skillets, woks, cups, and saucepans. Even if they’re not the same set, they’ll often nest together perfectly.

Buy roll-out trays - they act as movable shelves so you never have to dig again. Another good accessory is the sink front tray for storing sponges and other small items often stashed on the countertop around the sink.

Keep the trashcan under the sink. It’s stinky anyway.

Fix countertop items to the wall. Pick up small kitchen hooks or magnetic strips for suspending kitchen prep knives and other cooking utensils. If you have blank wall space over your counters, consider hanging some shelves. Anything you can do to give yourself more work space is so worthwhile.

Make a few adjustments, and working in the kitchen becomes a joy that’ll inspire you.

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