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Kitchen Organization is a Beautiful Thing

Junk Drawers No More

If you were a potato masher, where would you be? I find myself asking this question more than I’d like to admit. The problem is a common one: clutter and chaos in the cabinets. Kitchen organization is essential if you want to spend more time cooking and accepting oohs and aahs, and less time playing hide and seek with your skillets.

So what’s the key? Handy cabinet accessories and organizers. Many of these genius products are universal and can be adapted to your own cabinetry.

The Crafty Cutting Board: Slide-Outs and Drawers

Kitchen organization bread boxCutting boards are one of the most common items for clever stowaway design. The KraftMaid Knife Section Cutting Board makes this extremely easy. The cutting board pulls out to offer you an instant workspace, while a smartly designed drawer with built-in knife rack rolls out directly underneath.

Built-in Bread Box

Lots of people have bread boxes, and most of them are stored neatly on the countertop. While not an eyesore, they do take up work space and detract from the open, spacious feel of your kitchen. Instead, consider a bread drawer. This file-sized drawer contains a metal liner large enough to store all your dough and help keep it fresh, too.Kitchen organization roll out tray

Roll-Out Trays

In my days as a kitchen designer, roll-out trays were the single most sought-after kitchen cabinet accessory. They actually don’t allow you to store quite as much as you could on normal cabinet shelving, but they make life so much easier. With roll-out trays, you organize your items on the trays and when you need something, the entire tray rolls all the way out to the front of the cabinet, making digging into the back of the cabinet and bumping your head on the frame a thing of the past.

Pop-Up Mixer

Kitchen organization mixer

My personal favorite in the name of kitchen organization is the pop-up mixer shelf. Those KitchenAid mixers weigh a ton and lifting them out of cabinets can be extremely tiresome. The pop-up shelf is a cabinet shelf that sits down in your base cabinet just like any other inner shelf, but with one major exception. When you’re getting your Betty Crocker on, you just pull the shelf up to countertop level, click to lock in place and voila! Your mixer is out (as opposed to your back).

Spice Rack

Kitchen organization spice rack

They’re small and seemingly insignificant, yet a good spice rack is hard to beat when it comes to kitchen efficiency. They come in numerous shapes and sizes in the form of mini-lazy Susans, door attachments, drawer organizers and more. The idea, though, is that your spices are all displayed in an organized manner so that when you just need a pinch of this or a dash of that, you don’t have to rifle through the entire collection.

Photo Credit: Blink Decor

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