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Kitchen Remodel Dos and Don’ts

Your kitchen is probably the main room of your home, even more so then the living room or den. You would like to give it a face-lift or even a major overhaul, but how can you live without your kitchen for long? Here are a few dos and don’ts that could save you time, money, and some relief from the stress of not having the center of your family life available.

Do think out carefully what areas you want to improve and how your budget will handle the job. Even a sketched-out plan and a consultation with a designer is better than just jumping in with an “idea” of what you want. As you plan out what you want to do, you can start putting together a budget. Soon, you will start seeing a better picture of what can happen and what will stay on the planning table for now.

Don’t be unprepared in this project. Know everything you can about the changes you are about to make and how you will make them.

Do gather ideas if you are not sure of the details you want. Home improvement magazines, kitchen brochures, designer magazines can help. Visit home improvement stores and model homes. You will notice things you might not have thought of otherwise.

Don’t spread your budget too thin; the unexpected could happen and you will not be caught off-guard if you give yourself some working room.

Do set a clear-cut budget and stick to it. Now that you have done a little research and have a better understanding of what you want and will be able to do, a budget must be set and followed; after all, you want to save time and money.

Don’t measure just once, measure twice and make sure elements will fit correctly when ordering or buying. It can become very costly to get things wrong.

Do decide how much you can do yourself and what will need the help of a professional. Can you do the painting and sanding, for example? Major jobs, such as lighting, plumbing and such, really should be in a professional’s hands. That needs to be figured into the budget as well.

The little things can make a big difference in savings and a face-lift may be all that is needed as opposed to an overall remodel. Whatever you decide, make it your style, make it functional, and make it the room you, your family, and your friends will always gravitate towards.

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